Stripe vs. Paypal

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What is better for my online store?

Web agencies are always discussing an important topic: which payment options does a professional online store need, and which of the two payment services is the better one: Stripe or Paypal? destinazio builds your online store according to your needs – quickly and reliably.

Stripe vs. Paypal

So let’s start the comparison of Stripe and PayPal:

1:0 to Stripe for transaction fees

The first thing to consider before adding new software or services to your business is how much it will cost. However, as luck would have it, both PayPal and Stripe are free to use – at least if you are satisfied with the basic features. Signing up is easy. Just enter your account details, and you’re ready to go. There is nothing to pay to initiate services and no monthly fees to be charged.

If you’re worried about having to track what fees you’re faced with due to the origin of your purchases or a high frequency of returns or chargebacks, Stripe will end up being the best option for you.

2:0 to Stripe for payment method

The payment methods are very important for the choice of the payment service. This is the real reason why an online store needs this connection at all. They want to offer their customers the full range of payment options in order not to lose them at checkout. In terms of payment methods, Stripe and Paypal are almost the same:

PayPal currently accepts the following methods:

– PayPal

– PayPal Credit

– credit cards

– debit cards

– pay phone

Some payment methods are only available based on the selected price level, so be sure to pay close attention before signing up. For example, with the Payments Pro Plan, you can only receive pay-by-pay phone payments for virtual terminals.

If you are concerned about this restriction on payment methods, you may prefer to use Stripe because it accepts a large number of payment methods. These include:

– Credit cards

– debit cards

– American Express

– Masterpass with MasterCard

– WeChat

– AliPay

– Apple Pay

– Google Pay

– ACH Credit and Debit

– SEPA Direct Debit Scheme

Further payment methods are added for Stripe. While PayPal customers want to see the PayPal logo on your website, proving that you can accept payments from a number of recognizable and trusted financial institutions is a significant competitive advantage. In our opinion, Stripe’s list of accepted payments is the most attractive option, especially for companies to accept payments from customers around the world – particularly if you want to be internationally active.

2:1 PayPal’s first point for speed

This point is quickly explained: PayPal transfers the money from the orders faster to you as a shop operator. With PayPal, payments are transferred to you within one working day (typically), so there is not much waiting time. With Stripe, it can take around two days for your customers’ payments to be transferred. You can also automate the process and create Stripe deposits on your account on a weekly or monthly basis.

3:2 a draw in security features

Both payment services comply with the latest security standards and international specifications. A draw on this point for a score of 3:2 to Stripe.

4:3 both are very customer friendly

We have also found the two gateways to be undecided in terms of user-friendliness. Stripe and PayPal are both very easy to use, so you won’t lose your customers at checkout. A usability draw for a final score of 4:3 to Stripe.

Final score: Stripe wins 4:3 against PayPal.

Stripe offers you a variety of other payment options. These are particularly important assets for global trading. The transaction fees are also slightly lower with Stripe. But you get the proceeds from your sold articles credited a little later – which is a plus point for PayPal. With the security standards and the customer friendliness, you can’t go wrong with either service.

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