Restaurant Le Capri

Le Capri is a popular Italian restaurant known for its diverse menu of pasta, pizza, fish, and meat dishes, making it a favorite among locals seeking authentic Italian cuisine. With its inviting atmosphere and extensive selection of dishes, Le Capri is the go-to destination to savor delicious Italian flavors.

Website - Le Capri - destinazio.

Our web agency collaborated with Le Capri, an esteemed Italian restaurant in Sierre, to create a modern Webflow-based website. Based on feedback from restaurant customers, we successfully captured the restaurant's authentic and vintage look while providing a seamless browsing experience for customers. The visually stunning website showcases Le Capri's diverse menus, offers easy online reservations, and provides essential information for visitors to plan their dining experience.

  • Digital branding
  • Web design & development
  • Web support & data analytics
  • Lighting-fast hosting
  • Webflow CMS integration
  • Function for easy modification of the menus by restaurant staff
  • Motion design 
  • Multimedia integration
  • Responsive design
Project team
1. TEAM - Olga Kucherova - Web development & design

Olga Kucherova

Web development & design
Chris Bachmann - Project manager

Chris Bachmann

Project management
Lucien Christe

Lucien Christe

Motion design intern
Célia Ricardo

Célia Ricardo

Marketing & admin
Le Capri
Website - Le Capri - destinazio.
Website - Le Capri - destinazio.
Website - Le Capri - destinazio.
Website - Le Capri - destinazio.

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