5 reasons your website needs to be mobile friendly

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Responsive web design has become increasingly important. Nowadays, a website is accessible on all devices (smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.) and its design must therefore adapt accordingly. There are many reasons why a website should be responsive.

5 reasons your website needs to be mobile friendly

1. Rising number of mobile users

The number of users of mobile devices is increasing and becoming more and more important. It is indispensable to cover this target group to make a website a success in the long term. Already in 2019, 80% of all internet searches were made with a smartphone (Quoracreative, 2021). This is one of the reasons why many website designers work on a mobile version first and tackle the desktop version later. These mobile users are of great importance and represent the future of the internet due to their constant growth.

2. Better search engine results

Search engines are also aware of this fact and want to offer their customers a smooth experience on the Internet. To ensure this, they rank smartphone-friendly websites higher than unresponsive ones.

3. Lower bounce rate

Building on the concept of search engine optimization, the bounce rate is also a critical criterion. It concerns the abandonment of the site by the user. If the website is not adapted to smartphone users, they will leave within seconds. If you want to reach 100% of potential users, your website design must always be responsive.

4. Better user experience

If you want the user experience of a website to be as smooth and error-free as possible, you can’t avoid responsiveness, either. Customers should not encounter any obstacles when navigating your website. Easy navigation shows professionalism and gives the customer confidence. This then helps them to make a conversion (e.g. a purchase).

5. Staying on Google index

Finally, there is also pressure from Google, which plays an important role. According to Google, websites that are not responsive will be removed from their index in the coming months (t3n, 2021). As mentioned earlier, this is due to the desire to create a smooth user experience for customers. So, if your site is not accessible to smartphone users without complications, there is a good chance that the site will be removed from the index very soon.

Responsiveness, as you can see, is increasingly significant. This can be seen in the way Google reacts. For example, every website will now have to be smartphone friendly to be effective. Is your website accessible and optimized on all devices? We can test it for you! We look forward to hearing from you. Find out more about our web design process here.

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